About Mercy for Mankind

Over The Months, Decades, And Years, The Gap Between The Muslim And The Non Muslim Population Has Been, Unfortunately, Getting Wider And More Distant Mercy For Mankind’s Drive Is To Bridge These Gaps And Differences By Presenting Islam In It’s True Image. An Image That Has Been Tarnished By Not Only The Mass Media, But Some Muslims Themselves.

Mercy for Mankind aims to bring awareness to global issues such as domestic violence, child abuse and substance abuse. We walk our viewers through the visual documentary of a single person’s life story, from childhood to adulthood. The goal is to create an empathetic society, healing mankind through MERCY. Mercy for Mankind’s mission is to inspire dialogue and to bridge the gap between people of all faiths by engaging in healthy discourse. We are the positive voice of Muslims, sharing the beautiful message of Islam with humanity.

The Challenge

Islam is commonly misunderstood and presented in a negative light, especially in the US & Europe. Mercy for Mankind (MFM) is a platform to clear up the many misconceptions that people have about Islam. In order to do this, we utilize many different mediums in giving Dawah (Outreach) such as multimedia (TV, radio, Hollywood movies, nasheeds), malls, festivals, streets and prisons.


Our Vision

MFM’s vision is to be a global leader in Islamic Outreach and Dawah. We follow a proactive professional methodology in engaging positively and courteously with our audience.


Our Goals

MFM’s goal is to inform the general public about Islam and have people walk away from us with a clearer understanding of what Islam and Muslims are really about.

This will hopefully lead them to embrace Islam InshalLah, or at least improve Islam’s image.

Mercy for Mankind’s goals also include supporting new Muslims, training Muslims on how to give Dawah, and helping to preserve the Islamic identity of our Muslim youth. 

Currently we have multiple chapters in North and South America, many in Europe, Africa, Asia and we are expanding into Australia.

Our Mission

SubhanAllah, how many hundreds of non-Muslims we have dealt with in our staying here. This is serious issue and responsibility that we should never take lightly and irresponsibly.

Based on these serious facts, we have decided to move Dawah in America and the world to a new level and approach to perform our obligation for non-Muslims and relieve those of us who are honest and sincere to perform their part since sincerely most of us have not done our duty responsibly and professionally. We have established a full time Dawah organization to ensure the continuity and development of this duty for generations to come to guarantee sharing the treasures of Islam with all non-Muslims to stabilize, improve, and enrich their lives.

This mission can be accomplished by focusing on set of goals that shape its core:

                1.     Convey Islam among non-Muslim,

                2.     Establish qualified and credible Da’ees/دعاة,

                3.     Establish global Islamic Dawah,

                4.     Establishing independent, dependable, credible, and permanent financial resources system that is able to sustain the project,

                5. Establish effective coordination and cooperation with the existing Islamic Organizations that do similar mission on limited scale,

                6. Civilized and friendly introduction and presentation of Islam without compromising it, 

                7. Establishing huge pool of Muslims who can be available as supporting teams if necessary,

              8. Protect new converts by providing them with the right Islamic environment as much as possible,

                9. Establish effective and friendly coordination and cooperation with Non-Muslim religious organizations based on mutual interests to ensure the survival and strengthening of religious rights and protection from secular and biased media.


We are nonprofit, tax exempt organization 501(c)(3).

Employer Identification Number: 45-4156652


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