Dawah Workshop

Contact us as we will come to your Masjid and offer you a Dawah workshop for your community. Along with a Jumu’ah khutbah on the importance of dawah, we will teach a variety of topics and prepare the community to give dawah.

* Our speaker will be delivering Khutbah Jummu’ah about The obligation and virtue of Dawah, it’s a powerful motivational message to help the Muslims attend the workshop. And evening : The approach and tools of Dawah and Dawah techniques.

*We need to mention also we are nonprofit, tax exempt organization 501(c)(3).
We’re a global Dawah organization specializes in:
_  Giving Dawah to non Muslims, by hiring and training full time professional brothers and sisters to give Dawah to non Muslims.
_  Training Muslims on how to give Dawah to non Muslims and clear up the misconception and misunderstandings that the American public have about Islam.
_ Empowering and sponsoring the new Muslims to help them stay Muslims.
_ Preserving the Islamic identity of our Muslim youths specially those how are born or raised here in US.
Mercy for Mankind has been endorsed and honored by the Grand Imams of the Haram of Makkah Sheikh Maher Al-Mueaqly,
Sheikh Abdurahman Al Sudays (in the year 2013), Dr.Yusuf Al Qaradawi, World Muslim League(  ‏رابطة العالم الإسلامي ), and the World Muslim Union of Scholars.
* Our Dawah activities are aired on the largest Islamic T.V networks in the world. Such as Iqraa T.V, Huda T.V, Guide Us T.V and Alamin T.V.
*Last but not least, We would like to share with you:
Mercy For Mankind Global Dawah Organization :

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Mercy for Mankind Ukraine chapter – Dawah on street

A published article on the official website of The Haram of Makkah and Madina :

Mercy For Mankind promotional video:

Our series on Iqraa TV :

Our series on Huda TV :

Mercy For Mankind appeal:

Newsweek Magazine article:

Our Dawah work featured on major American TV networks:
France24 interview :

For more information Google and YouTube :
Mercy For Mankind Dawah.
Email: Contact@mercy4mankind.com
North America Toll free: 855-90-MERCY


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