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Alhamdulillah one of our primary goals in Mercy For Mankind is to not only give Dawah to non-Muslims, but to also focus on preserving our Muslim youth‘s Islamic identity through various and continuous youth programs and activities. Mercy for Mankind is looking forward to coming to every Islamic Center in USA, to offer the Youth Program!
The youth program will be a fun, educational and spiritual Friday Insha’Allah. The Friday Khutbah will be delivered by our Khateeb/speaker (with the permission of your Imam).
The Khutbah will be about the importance of raising our children with Islam in the West. It will be a very powerful message Insha’Allah to motivate the community to bring all their youth to attend the program and benefit from it Insha’Allah. It will also pay attention to raising the community’s youth with Islam and continuously bringing them to the Masjid, therefore allowing the youth to actively get involved in all the programs offered to the Muslim community.
The activities pertaining to the Youth Program itself will start evening Insha’Allah. It will have various classes and Halaqah’s dealing with teenage topics and challenges in America. This includes topics and discussions that will deal with the very real issues that our teenagers encounter in school and society. These discussions will also include topics about issues our youth may not feel comfortable discussing with their parents and the Muslim community.
The program will attract the youth through engaging activities such as dodge ball, basketball, soccer, football or other sports depending on what’s available within the Masjid facility. Also, the program will include a delicious dinner and dessert from their favorite restaurant depending on what’s locally available. We will have Quran Halaqah, Islamic contests and night prayers as well Insha’Allah. Additionally, we will also create a youth committee (or enhance your existing youth committee if you already have one) and demonstrate how to set up an ongoing, year-round youth group to attract the youth to the Masjid Insha’Allah.
Please contact us should you have any questions in regards to the Youth Program. If you would like to know more about Mercy for Mankind Global Dawah Organization, feel free to check out the links below.
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Office phone: (309) 981-1235
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